How to get to Claviers:

Our guests have arrived at Paris, Nice or Geneva. Nice is closest to Claviers. Nonetheless, Paris is so wonderful you may not want to miss the opportunity to spend at least a little time in the "city of lights". Transportation to the village is limited. Probably the best way to arrange the trip is to take a train from Paris to St. Raphael, one of the destination resorts on the French Riviera. Look for the French railroad, the SNCF (Société Nationale de Chemin de Fer, roughly, "the National Society for Paths of Iron.") on the Internet. If you wish, you can pick up a car rental in St. Raphael just across the street from the train station. One little known secret of budget travel: make your rental arrangements in the U.S. You could save up to 70% on the rental cost. Also, it is best to arrange unlimited mileage, (kilometrage illimité.) If you really want to avoid the car rental you can take the train to Draguignan which is about 15 km (9 mi) from Claviers. From Draguignan one can get to Claviers by bus or taxi.

Claviers is 20 miles from the southern coast of France. It is about 900 km, about 550 miles, from Paris. If you take the TGV (the 200+ kph train) you can be in St. Raphael in less than six hours. Comfortable hours. The trains are clean and efficient. Their schedules can be found on the Internet. The drive from St. Raphael to Claviers is about 40 minutes.

See map of greater detail

There are map websites that show the location of Claviers. The best I've seen is MapQuest. Type in Claviers, France and you'll find us. Claviers is ten miles to the northeast of the capital of the Department (County), Draguignan.

Claviers is about 2 mi from another (larger) hilltop village called Bargemon, officially listed as one of the 100 most beautiful village in France. There you will find additional restaurants, bakeries, and open-air markets.

More about Claviers courtesy of Provence-Beyond the Riviera

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